Fandom: X-Files
Pairing: Sk/K
Rating: G
Spoilers: Well.. kinda, not really =P
A/N: For Peja's Broken challenge: A story in 5 minutes beginning with "There was something in his eyes that said he was broken"

A/N 2: Sorry folks, my angst muse has gone on sabbatical leaving behind a toy dog in its place... So. My 'muse' says: "Yes" to this fic =P And "Yes" to pretty much anything really... He just won't stop nodding...


There was something in his eyes that said he was broken. It could have been the slight crazed look, or the lack of light evident behind his glassy lenses. Alex guessed it was neither, however, as he gave the recumbent figure a desultory prod in the ribs with a finger. He threw a glance at the nearby form currently in the shape of Jeremiah, but knew that even the alien figure would not be able to fix this problem.

It was simply age, nothing more, nothing less. The general wear and tear of constant smoking and coughing had taken their toll on the body, and caused the general breakdown that even a healer would not be able to cure.

Alex sighed unhappily. After all this time and it broke. He pouted, and gave a dramatic sniff in the hopes that someone would notice. He brought the Jeremiah figure over in the vain hope that the alien could do something, anything, to heal the breach, but to no avail. The Healer placed its hands over the torso of the fallen figure, but nothing seemed to happen. Nothing ever did, of course, but that didn't stop the vague hope that this time would be different.

He grumbled to himself and pouted even more, wondering what to do about the situation. A flash of blonde hair out of the corner of his eye made him grin maliciously at the fallen man. The blonde shapely body of Marita made its way towards the recumbent figure, and with a twist of her hip, sent him tumbling down the stairs with judicious nudges from Alex helping it along.

As the broken body made its way to the base of the stair, occasionally still coughing and giving off smoke, a large form darted in from another room and with a growl swallowed the body whole.

"Jasper! NO!"

The dog looked up as Alex dashed down the stairs, and decided a strategic retreat was in order, quickly turning and darting back out the way he came.

"Jasper! Come back here right this instant!"

Walter stepped out of the kitchen at the commotion, dragging a reluctant Jasper along with him by the collar.

"What's up Lex?" he asked the distressed assassin.

"Jasper! He ate Spender!" Alex glared at the recalcitrant canine.

Walter looked steadily at Alex, and glanced up the stairs, meeting the glassy stare of the artfully positioned Marita, before looking down at the dog, who had small puffs of smoke coming out of his ears.

Jasper whined and looked up unhappily at Alex.

Alex raised an eyebrow at the pooch.

"The smoke signals you're emitting aren't helping your case...."

Jasper whined even more, putting on the big puppy dog eyes and whimpered sadly, whilst also secretly saying "He was tasty too! Nyer!" in fluent Native American.

Walter sighed.

"Don't worry, Alex. We'll get the Gunmen to acquire you another one."

Alex glanced back up the stairs at his growing collection of lifelike dolls before leading his lover off towards the phone discussing the terms of the agreement along the way.

"In a wheelchair? With Real Oxygen Tank and Busty Inga, the Swedish Nurse..."

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