Finn's Fic

Slash and Gen fics are marked as such.

The "Telephone" Series

1. And How Was Your Day, Honey? (PG - for squicky mental imagery [Slash])

2. Reaching Out To Call Somerat (PG - Just for the hell of it [Slash])

3. Crossed Lines (PG - Hoi, more squicky images [Slash])


The Introspectives Series

When He Sleeps (G [Slash])

Awfully Fond Of You (G [Slash]) NEW


Regional Food Stories (Brought about by a homework assignment on AlexK-H-C-orD)

Simple Simon (G [Slash])

The Suck (PG [Slash])

See the others on Elaine's site: Full House Slash though you'll have to search for them


The Perspectives Trilogy

1. Speculum (PG [Slash]

2. Refraction (PG [Slash])

3. Focus (PG [Slash])


Lyric Wheel Entries [Pollyanna's Lyric Wheel Page]

Aftermath (Red Shirt Lyric Wheel [Written from the POV of someone not on the cast list] [Gen])

Words to the Wise (Literary Lyric Wheel [Based off a literary quote] [Gen])

Baby You Can Drive My Car (Transport Lyric Wheel [Gen])



The Law (R - For violence [Kipling, Another view] [Slash])

Be Good For Goodness Sake (PG - For Ursula's Christmas 2002 Challenge [Alex in a Santa Suit] [Slash])

Over The Rooftops (G - A night of music and song... [Gen])

Ratboy's LiveJournal - A place for me to dump snippet stuff that pops into my head..[Gen]

Consortium Hunter (G - Yipe, Croc Hunter Crossover. All Lady Midath's fault. [Gen])

Caring For Your Rat (Hmm. PG? [Take it as you will])

Broken - For Peja's 'Broken' challenge (G [Slash])

Squeak Sqwiky-sqwiky Squnk - Peja's "Wasn't Thinking" challenge (PG [Slash])

Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster Have a Lot To Answer For (PG-13 [Slash])



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