Over The Rooftops



Fandom: X-Files
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them, all owned by CC and others
Rating: G
Summary: A night of soulful music at the Soup Kitchen
A/Notes: Just a short snippet that came to mind while listening to some music. Unashamedly LyricFic. Written to the dulcet tones of Eddi Reader, vocalist of "Fairground Attraction" singing "Clare" © 1988 BMG Entertainment International UK & Ireland Ltd. Try and get this song and listen to it as you read along =)

The light was dim and smoky. The atmosphere expectant, as the diners murmured between themselves, a subtle susurration of white noise, the clink of silverware upon china, the almost soundless passage of the waiters dressed in black. The stage was dark, pitch black, revealing nothing to the awaiting patrons.


The mournful wail of a clarinet cut through the background noise like a silver noted spoon through the finest chocolate soufflé, revealing the melting contents, as a muted spotlight shone onto the stage. Highlights of ruby red hair almost glowed as Dana Scully moved her soul through the dark toned wood. Another muted light illuminated the double bass player, dark bereted with piercing blue eyes focused only upon his fingerboard, bringing out the bass line, closely followed by another two revelations, the percussionist, balding head reflecting the beat as he tapped out on the snare, and the acoustic guitarist, dark head bent over, his fingers bringing out a melody melding like molten molasses with the double bass. The soft tones of the piano echoed out, as Mulder ran his fingers down the keys, his whole body swaying with the rhythm.


A husky voice echoed out through the darkness


"My baby's love, is called Clare"


The spot slowly revealed a petite figure, back to the audience, who slowly turned around, dressed in a sequinned black dress and dark feather boa. Her red hair, quite similar to the clarinettist was impeccably coiffed, diamonds glittering in her ears as her velvet gloved hands grasped the microphone. Kimberly Cook was on stage and in rare form.


"Serpentine seductress, I can't compare"


Slinking down the stage she crooned into the audience, capturing their attention and playing with it, much like a cat, silk pawed and velvet furred.


"My baby's love is merciless to me... Wailing like a hussy, and laughing drunkenly"


The band swung into the chorus smoothly as Kim's voice soared to the upper registers, the song blurring the boundaries between voice and instrument.


"And over the rooftops, when the stars prickle the skies...
London is sleeping and the Mississippi moon shines...
I hear them making love...
I hear them making love..."


Grinning at the audience, she shifted back into the verse as the band swayed in rhythm and melody, a dance so smooth and perfectly synchronised.


"Clare was born, in New Orleans
She grew up in the bars of Bourbon Street
Back in the days of Marie Laveau
She learnt the ways of that old voodoo..."


The clarinet started a counter melody, syncopating and singing along to Kim's words and motions as she strolled up stage, until she stood back to back with Scully, and scatted along to the other's soulful solo, rhythm and words, the clarinet with a twisting flowing melody, her voice with the octave hopping song, shifting smoothly between registers.


The lights dimmed, shrouding the fading tones in shadow and silence as the song faded.


"I hear them making love, I hear them making love...."

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